Pug Puppies Characteristics

Pug Puppies Characteristics

A pug is a group of dogs that are known for their special features such as, flat round face with deep wrinkle and dark eyes. They are usually known to be stubborn but most of the time they want to please. They are usually laid back in their character and they don’t give in to extensive chewing, barking or even digging as opposed to some other dogs. They get along well with
children and even other dogs. In other words, they are good companions.

These pug puppies characteristics include:
1. They are affected by high heat and humidity. Pugs cannot tolerate high temperatures or humidity this is because they have a short muzzle and
thus air is not completely cooled before reaching the lungs.
2. They require the constant company of a human.
3. They are great consumers of food.
4. Pugs are greedy eaters and they tend to overeat more frequently if given the chance.
5. Pugs usually snore, snort and wheeze loudly.
6. Pugs are usually difficult to housebreak since they are very stubborn.
7. They are prone to eye injuries because of their prominent eyes.
8. They usually shed their coat a lot.

In order to keep these dogs’ health and happy special pug puppies eating and care is required such as:

I. It’s important to give then a weekly cleaning especially on their facial folding
Cleaning of these folds is essential since they can be harboring dirt food particles of even saliva causing the dog to be irritated or start smelling. You can use warm water and a cotton swab.

II. Make sure you clean their ears once a week
Use a special solution to clean their ears. Never use a cotton swab or use cotton balls inside its ear canal as this might cause damage.

III. Brush its coat once or twice a week
Use a specialty brush or normal brush to clean its coat. This will help regulate its constant shedding and thus its hair is not found everywhere.

IV. Trim the nails of the pugs
Unlike other active dogs, pugs do not trim their nails and thus you need to do it yourself or take them to a vet groomer.

V. Give them plenty of water
It’s important for pugs to drink water especially during summer or winter seasons.

VI. Ensure they have exercised regularly
Exercise is important in their lives since it plays an important role in boosting the immune the system, regulating metabolism, ensuring the proper composition of the muscle and improving the heart and the lungs.

It is important to ensure that the pugs are feed well and this is by giving them the proper diet such as the dry kibble. Feeding of pugs especially after 12 weeks should be scheduled since they tend to overeat thus scheduling you to ensure they keep fit. Pugs aged between 8 weeks to 6 months should be fed three times a day and snacks should also be introduced between meals. For manufactured food it’s important you read the instructions in order to know the amount of food you should give the pugs. While for home-cooked foods the amount of food to give is between 2/3 for puppies and one cup for adult pugs per day.

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