Puppy Details

Puppy Details

London Reserved

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Male   DOB 08/03/2020

“Hi! My name is London and there is no need to look any further because London pet the one for you. I promise to brighten your every morning with puppy kisses and snuggle with you every night. I have the nicest coat that just begs to be petted. I have a secret to share with you, too. I absolutely love to have my tummy rubbed! I love it so much that I will melt in your arms while you do it. Don’t you want me to be the newest addition to your family? I will have a complete nose to tail vet check and my vaccinations will also be up to date. Choose me and I promise to make a lifetime of memories with you. London pet can’t wait to leap in your arms and be yours forever!”

So, now ready about my cutie friend Leopold. I assure you that you will also mate him, friend.