Miniature Schnauzer Weight and Body Form

Miniature Schnauzer Weight and Body Form

This breed of dog is usually well-built square in shape and measuring approximately about 10 to 13 inches and 11 to 16 pounds in weight for females,11 to 19 pounds for males. The double coat covered with a soft undercoat covers them.

Much of the fur covers ears, belly, and legs but a short coat on the body. The most common colors known for these bleeds are black, silver black, and pure white. The silver black color is the mixture of black and white but fading to almost gray color.

They are very energetic requiring regular exercise with many exercises coming from playing indoors while taking the role of a watchdog. The feeding habits of this dog are relatively low and like home-prepared diets.

Miniature Schnauzer personality.
1) Friendly and happy. They like playing with children and accompanying the owners when around the homestead.

2) Highly aggressive and loves attention. The comical bushy beard makes them interesting to play with.

3 )Always happy to signal the owner that something or someone is advancing toward them. This may include barking to them but it can easily shout to your neighbors so it has to be trained to bark only on command.

4) Playful especially with active children and hate being left alone at home so it is good to go with them for family outings.

5) Royal for an indoor living but generally not very sociable with other pets especially other dogs.

6) It rarely shed off its hair thus does not dirty the person touching it or causing allergy to those with fur allergy.

7) Reacts politely and obediently especially during training

Reasons for training: Before trying you have to ensure that your pet is vaccinated so that after and during training it can socialize with other pets.
During the training, the puppy will relate with other dogs so it is recommended to have the other dogs being close in age and size to avoid it being attacked by big ones. After some days of training, you can let it intermingle with the large dogs so that it can learn from them.

Setting norms and limits: Training schnauzer correctly requires enforcing new rules and guidelines from the first day it comes to home. All family members should thus agree on things to do and refrain from. The teaching world should also be agreed upon for a faster and easy understanding of what it has been trained. This is very important since the repetition of the same word indicating a certain command or action makes the dog connect and remember in the next command.

Optimistic routines: Come with optimistic routines and schedules such as where they are allowed to be at certain times and where not to be.

Correcting bad habits: Even after it has complied with the above rules if it develops bad habits such as begging for when you are eating, don’t ignore it. Correct the bad behavior with positive ones but not striking or quarreling since this may worsen the behavior seriously.

Teaching basic commands to your dogs: This is a way of making them embrace a positive and strong relationship with family members. Moreover, it makes them more useful to the family.

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