Can Cavalier King Charles Be Left Alone?

Can Cavalier King Charles Be Left Alone?

Different types of dog breeds are suitable for various purposes. Some breeds such as Germany Shepherd are good for security whereas other breeds such as cavalier king Charles are good as pets. Therefore, it is important to consider how you want to use the dog you want to buy to avoid disappointments. You can imagine buying Chihuahua as a hunting dog and expect it to perform well. Cavalier King Charles is a pet dog and good companion of humans and other pets. This type of dog is friendly, peaceful and easy to please.

Leaving a Cavalier King Charles alone is a bad idea

Cavalier King Charles is a human companion and it is disastrous to leave it alone for more than one hour. The dog suffers from separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. It is highly dependent on humans and leaving it alone for more than two hours can affect its wellness.

However, you can leave the dog in the company of other pets for some minutes as long they are not going to hurt it and your compound is properly fenced.  Leaving a Cavalier King Charles dog alone for a long time makes it uncomfortable. The dog expresses the state of discomfort through persistent barking and chewing things around it. Cavalier King Charles also loves chasing things that run and it can easily wander away if your compound is not properly fenced.

Taking care of Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies

Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies are highly sensitive, require good care, and close monitoring. The puppies require routine care, exercise and a good diet so that they can grow strong and free from diseases. You need to have a reliable veterinary to check the progress of your puppies regularly. Remember that Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies respond even to minor environmental changes and they can easily die if exposed to stress.

You need to brush Cavalier King Charles at least twice in a week to make sure they are relaxed and free from mites. It is also recommendable to take puppies out of the house in the morning so that they can enjoy some sunshine. However, exposing puppies to strong sun heat for a long time can have detrimental effects on their health. Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies also experience teeth related problems. It is recommendable to brush their teeth at least three times every week, and ensure their ears are clean and dry. Generally, Cavalier King Charles puppies require special care than those of other dog breeds.

Buying a Cavalier King Charles dog

Cavalier King Charles is one of the best pet dogs if you are ready to take good care of it. This includes companion, feeding, grooming and regular exercises. You need to be very cautious when looking for a Cavalier King Charles spaniel for sale.

The dog should be of good health and well trained. You also need to examine the health record of the dog and behaviour history from the breeder or the person selling the dog. For those not conversant with pet dogs or dogs in general, it is prudent to consult a qualified veterinary when buying a Cavalier King Charles dog. Always buy your pet dog from a licensed breeder or a dog owner that can trust.